Come, Sale the Yard with us!

Come, Sale the Yard….Aaaand we’re LIVE!

Steve and I love the way technology can change the world. 6 months ago we started looking at Craigslist, and we wondered. What would it be like if people could get away from the long drawn process of setting up Garage Sales, and used a mobile app to buy and sell their unwanted items at home.

Garage Sales are fun. Warm sunny day, weekend, neighborhood cars and people strolling by looking at the garage sale you just set up, talking to you, exchanging pleasantries…couldn’t get more summer-y than this ;)

Having said that, wouldn’t you like it if the process of SETTING up a garage sale got easier? No more shopping for sign boards from Menards, no more spending hours and days getting ready for the garage sale day, trying to collect all the items that you want to sell. No more spending hours to spread the word, putting sign boards on curbside, talking to countless neighbors.

How about an iPhone or an Android app that will put your items on a map instantaneously? Flip out your smartphone, take pictures of as many items as you want, post it in the app and voila! Your garage sale is now global and visible to everyone around you within minutes! Our garage sale app does exactly that!

Oh wait, we forgot, you like to shop and not sell. No, you LOVE to shop. You like the odd bike that you can buy for $100 bucks than the local Performance Bike that sells it for $450!

What better place to find a bike, or an old TV or pottery than YardSailr. Flip out your smartphone, log in and see all the good stuff that’s selling around you. It’s as easy as that.

And the best news is, it’s FREE. Yup, not a dime to pay to us. If you’re a buyer or a seller, just connect with the opposite party through the Chat messaging system in the app, and if both agree just meet and pay. As simple as that!

So this summer, download this new app, use it and give us your feedback – we’re all ears and eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say. We’re here to make your life easier, to make it easy to buy and see.

See you on the Yard Sail boat soon!

Find us on Apple App Store here

and the Google Play Store here

-Your friendly blogger, Gaurav

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