Introducing the Featured tab

We at YardSailr have been working hard to release a couple new features. So here goes -

Featured Tab

There is now a new tab called Featured. You can get to it simply by opening the sidebar and pressing Featured. Many YardSailrs have been putting a lot of effort into adding lots of pictures to their ads (thank you!). We thought they deserve extra attention – so from now on certain ads with pictures will be shown on the Featured tab.
Would you like your ad on the Featured tab as well? It’s easy – all you have to do is to upload at least one picture and that’s it!

Browse Tab

Ok this is not a new feature :) We thought it would be easier for YardSailrs if we called the Shop tab Browse. After all browsing is fun, isn’t it?

So, do write to us about what you think. Are you looking for something new, have requests – email us at We are listening.