Search a sale on your iPhone or Android

I thought about writing on a specific usability aspect of YardSailr today. YardSailr lets you search for specific garage sales in a certain area. You can click on a map and quickly find out what are the different garage sales happening in an area.

But that’s not it. YardSailr goes beyond just the map. It lets you search on a specific item as well.

So let’s say you’re looking for an old Schwinn bike, or an antique Trek bike from the 1980s.

You can use the Search feature in the sidebar. Just press search (see below)




And enter the word ‘Trek’ or ‘Schwinn’. It doesn;t stop there – you can just look up the Sports category if you like, to get a general idea of what kind of bikes are listed on YardSailr (see below)



Check out the list of categories and see what interests you. And don’t forget to tell us if you’d like to see more features in the app. We would love to hear from you! Just head on to our website: and use the Contact Us form

Download the iphone app here and android app here