Sell bulk items

Are you a habitual seller on eBay? eBay can be a real profitable channel for your business. Specially because it has a much wider audience – you can easily sell to buyers that are hundreds of miles away from you.

However, over the years eBay fees have increased. And the fees can multiply if you have lots of items to sell – toys, coins, clothes, bikes – things can add up. And the costs too.

A garage sale can be a good alternative, specially during the summers.  Craigslist is definitely another way to go about selling stuff.

And now with mobile and smartphones becoming more and more common, it’s getting easier by the day to buy and sell bulk items. That;s where we come in! YardSailr lets you add bulk items – lots of them – at the same time. You can post 1 or 100 if you like – there isn’t a limit. It doesn’t stop there. You can take multiple pictures of each item and put a price before posting. After you post, our app will put your garage sale on a local map, right away!!

Anyone looking to buy stuff can get to your ad by just looking up the map. If the buyer likes what you’re selling (read our other post here¬†to get tips on how to make your garage sale successful), they can immediately contact you via the messaging system inbuilt in our app. It’s as simple as that!

YardSailr is a simple app to help you save time on selling bulk items. Try it here and let us know what you think.