Tips and Tricks for a Successful Yard Sale

Garage sales are awesome. Can you think of a better way to clean out the basement? Sure, you can list an item or two on Craigslist. Sure, you can post on eBay if you’re savvy enough to browse through the maze. But to get rid of your ENTIRE collection from the previous summer? Garage sale helps you out when your closet needs a revamp.

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We’re almost into summer here in Midwest. Been driving around and noticed some garage sales signs on curbsides. Hmm, and then I wonder again, as I did 6 months ago – why in the world would people want to go through the trouble of setting up garage sales, getting permissions from associations (depending on where you live) – when we can connect with our buyers (or sellers) via the most powerful instrument given to us – our smartphones!

Thanks to YardSailr, when it’s time for your big yard sale, you don’t have to worry about setting out tons of signs and advertising around your community. All the yard sale shoppers in your area will see your post pop up on their phones and other mobile devices, and you’ll be set!

Don’t Price Too Low

If you price your old items too low, people will think that they’re damaged, broken, or just not worth anything. If you’re not sure, add a dollar or two to the price tag. You can always come down on the price later in the day. This will make your shoppers feel like they’re getting an even better deal.

What’s In a Name?

Give your yard sale a descriptive name that tells your shoppers what you have that other sellers might not. Do you have a bunch of old school gaming consoles and games? Let your shoppers know that you have some great geeky finds.

Post Those Pictures!

If you have a bunch of cool old toys and memorabilia, call your sale the, “Children of the ‘80s Yard Sale!” and post pictures of all of your Jem and the Holograms or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise. You might be surprised how many people are willing to spend money on nostalgia.

And YardSailr makes it easy to post pictures of all the cool – and potentially valuable – stuff you’re selling. Good pictures could make all the difference between selling everything and standing around looking at your shoes.

Be a Salesperson

Don’t just sit there with your cashbox. Talk to your shoppers. Ask them how they are doing or if they have any questions. And do all of this within YardSailr without leaving the app! Just use the Message feature and start messaging your shoppers.

If you want to be an even bigger success, invite them over to your house and bring out some coffee and pastries. As they munch and sip, they’ll be more likely to peruse and buy!


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