Trying to Sell?

Add Multiple Pictures

There are, of course, a number of different apps and websites out there that allow you to sell your personal belongings. Because of that, you may be asking yourself why you should choose YardSailr. Well, the answer is simple. YardSailr, unlike many of the other options out there, allows you to sell items in bulk. This makes the process of listing your items much easier, and it gives you a much better opportunity to make money through selling them.

Other Apps and Websites

With other apps and websites, you’ll have to list your items one at a time. Take, for example, the wildly popular Craigslist, which is what many people first think of when they’re going to sell something through the Internet.

If you’re going to be listing only one item, Craigslist can work great. However, if you’re going to be selling more than one thing – after a bout of spring cleaning, for example – then Craigslist, and other websites and apps like it, can become more trouble than they’re worth.

With them, you’ll have to list each item individually. As they’re uploaded, they’ll get shuffled in with all of the other items that people are selling. This creates two problems. First, it locks you into selling one item at a time. It’s not possible for a potential buyer to purchase the item that you’re selling and something else that you have on offer. Also, you’ll have to keep track of and update multiple listings, which is a huge pain in the you-know-what.

YardSailr Makes Things Easier

YardSailr is an app that focuses upon garage sales. Because of this, it’s been designed from the ground up to allow sellers to offer items in bulk. With it, you only have one sale to keep track of, which saves you time and gives you the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell people who are interested in your items. Further, any and all communication that you have with potential buyers is handled directly through the app. This means that you do not need to keep track of and update multiple listings.

How to Sell Your Items with YardSailr

Getting your garage sale and all of its items online is so easy! Once you’ve downloaded the app, you simply need to swipe to the right, and then tap on the word “Sell”. After that, simply click the plus icon in the bottom left corner, and you’ll be taken to the page where you can outline the terms of your garage sale. Simply enter the dates, location and the categories of items that you’ll have on offer, and then enter a name for your sale. After that, tap on “save and add items” in the bottom right corner.

You’ll then be taken to the page where you can add each of your items. You’ll see that across the top there are four places for you to provide pictures. To fill those out, simply tap them, take the picture, and save. That’s it. After that, all you need to do is add the name of your item, and then the price that you’ll be selling it for. To add the next item, simply tap “save and add another” on the bottom right. When you’re done, hit “save”, and then your garage sale is online and ready for buyers.

So what do you think? Simply head to your mobile device’s app store and download it. The rest is easy!